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I did not expect that to happen at the end...
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  • I liked and subscribed you as well

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  • I want to be in your views by cannot be doesn't I lives inside Scotland

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  • Day2 of asking Mr. B’s to put a Mr. beast burger and Georgia Villa Ricca

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  • I would do ANYTHING for 500k. It could literally change my life

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  • This made me happy :)

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  • MrBeast what are you gonna do at 70M

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  • Hola

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  • 👥🫂

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  • How can it be a 10 second delay but there on the other side of the stadium

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  • I hope that we can be in one of his videos but I hope he we can be in one of her videos I meant Mr. beast videos

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  • I wish I was born in Jimmy's hometown so that there could be a chance to participate....😭

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  • greetings from Mexico

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  • Yolo aventeruras es mejor

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  • congrats on 69 million

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  • Please

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  • Let’s hang out

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  • Come thrw

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  • I want a t shirt

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  • My name is Esteban valadez

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  • When I’m a teenager I wish I was here

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  • And am fast

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  • Y si es de Colombia 🇨🇴And if it is from Colombia 🇨🇴

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  • 50 hours in a vault?

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  • can you greet me and give me a heart MrBeast

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  • dudo que me llamen ya que soy de Perú :c

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  • I love mr.Beast I Sub!

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  • Mr. Beast? Just wanted to say "Hi!, and "How are ya?"

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  • 70m!!!

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  • Hola a todos los que forman el canal, me encantan sus videos y más en los que ayudan a personas que lo necesitan. Son garndes perdonas, todos son un gran en equipo. Existos siempre chicos :( ✨

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    • When I tell you I was happy when I saw Sapnap (and also Karl) would be an understatement (I’m a huge dsmp fan and Mr beast fan

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  • Dude, if you have a challenge where you're giving away ps5 lmk! I'll do anything.


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  • I want to enter 😔

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  • day 48 of asking Mrbeast to buy me hellcat

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  • guauu

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  • I keep clicking on his videos I need money so it tricks me

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  • Mrbeast you have to do something about that scammer

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  • Day 259. Waiting for MrBeast to fulfill my wish. From the Philippines.🇵🇭

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  • Day 259. Waiting for MrBeast to fulfill my wish. From the Philippines.🇵🇭

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  • Take the cars

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  • Me and my wife will love to appear on your show you can really help us out financially love everything about yourself

  • 0010:33

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  • You're my idol Jimmy

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  • I want to do this for a Ps5

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  • Me encantan tus videos hermano

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  • Can I get 1m me and my mom are trying to move and we don’t have enough money to move 😶

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  • Give me cookie

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  • Airack is there

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  • COOL

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  • ok

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  • mrbeast pls buy my home 13000$ in Russia

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  • Oooooo Karl and snapnap is working together

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  • Why don't you give me an iphone 12 pro max plis I always wanted one 😢

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  • Give your own army

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  • hello mrbeast very good you 're the best

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  • Hello mrBeast, I give you a proposal if you give me 600 dollars, I shave

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  • اين العرب؟!

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  • Lincoln was focused I guess

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  • "I'm going to check them one at a time" try's opening first door."that ones locked" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Ñ ? N ?

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  • 😃😃hi

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  • Dayum close to 70 M 300k ia nothin for Mr Beast

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  • pls next vid just burn 3.000.000$ in under 30sec.

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  • Pog 69m

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  • I have listen to your outro 69 times at the same day

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  • No te interesaría comprar Venezuela? :)

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  • No te interesaría comprar Venezuela? :)

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  • Nearly 70M!

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  • Wheres my cookie, ive been subscribed for more tha 5 years now, sadness T-T

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  • Best ILmorer of all time

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  • Hello Mr beast

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  • Love you from Thailand

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  • Hey Mr. B’s Jimmy can you buy me a private island

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  • Have a good day.

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  • We will be here, and always be here. No matter the circumstanses

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  • $justtrell13

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  • We are the living embodiment of verification

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  • Hello Mr beast I'm from Philippines

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  • Yessir

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  • We shall expand our empire

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  • We all are here

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  • Hello

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  • Ayuda

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  • Cool go on Games 7567

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  • :)

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  • Soy de Venezuela 🇻🇪

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  • He is the best

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  • i love your vids

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  • Ver estos vídeos me dan mucha pena y alegría porque me esfuerzo por ganar dinero y cuando solo lo regalas daría mi máximo por aparecer en uno de tus vídeos y superar cualquier reto ya que estoy en banca rota soy de Perú y soy un buen fan 🙂🙂

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  • For 500k Jordan was moving real slow

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  • Hello , I need your help please

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  • Son muy buenos estos videos

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